Raindrop Therapy


Raindrop Therapy is a highly rejuvenating combination of aromatherapy, reflexology and massage that was developed to boost the immune system and release toxins. During a Raindrop Therapy session, drops of aromatic essential oils are applied along your spine and feet. Your massage therapist will then employ principles of reflexology and massage to restore harmony and balance physically, mentally and spiritually. You will feel utterly relaxed as these soothing oils are massaged into your skin, freeing you of toxins and enabling your body's inherent electrical frequency to express itself.

This ancient healing technique has been sought out to ease chronic pain, reduce anxiety and improve blood circulation - though we can't make any medical claims about these benefits. In addition, it allows our clients to simply relax and essentially return to themselves.

AromaBrush Ayurvedic Treatment & Home Care Kit


Treat yourself to a Spring Balancing and Renewal with the AromaBrush Ayurvedic Body Treatment & Home Care Kit.  This service starts out with grounding energy, than moves to an invigorating dry brush treatment, followed by an application of a handmade organic body oil that contains  energy-balancing properties and essential oils good for the lymphatic & circulatory systems.  The service concludes with a relaxing application of essential oils, applied in a sequence to bring the body into balance, or homeostasis.  The oils benefit mood, support the immune system, relax muscles, and invigorate the body.  You will get to take home a dry body brush and a full-size body oil to continue the dry brushing benefits at home.  

Dry brushing helps with exfoliation, reduces cellulite, improves circulation, improves digestion, stimulates the lymphatic system, releases toxins, brightens skin, and soothes the mind.